Best Drones for sale 2017 : Review and Buying Guide

Drones for Sale : Picking a suitable drone which is budget friendly and versatile is not an easy nut to crack while many sites are selling quad copters with the names of drones. We have made the things easy so that you can choose proper drone within your budget. We have sorted out the best 10 drones depending on their features in built, price, ease of use and availability. Every purchase starts with a target of terminal usage and budget. As drones are not a product to showcase, a proper research is needed before you make your buying decision. Our guide for buying best drones will help you to select the drone you need.

Best Drones for Sale

ImageName PriceFlight TimeModel Size
DJI Phantom 3Check today Price17 - 20minMedium
DJI Inspire 1Check Today Price18 - 20minLarge
Yuneec Q500 4KCheck Today Price20 - 25minMedium
3DR SoloCheck Today Price20 - 25minMedium
Hubsan X4 Check Today Price5 - 7minVery small
Blade Nano QXCheck Today Price5 - 7minVery small
Parrot BebopCheck Today Price8 - 10minsmall
TBS GEMINICheck Today Price5 -8minsmall
3DR IRISCheck Today Price10 - 15minMedium
3DR X8Check Today Price12-17minLarge
Quanum NovaCheck Today Price 8 - 11minMedium
LaTrax AliasCheck Today Price 5 - 7minSmall
AR Drone 2.0Check Today Price9 - 12minMedium
QAV 400 RTFCheck Today Price8 - 12minMedium
Proto XCheck Today Price5 -6minVery small


Best 10 Drones to buy

Before placing your orders, we will request you to go through our researched guide thoroughly. Don’t get bullied by the quad copter sellers. Get the best buy if you are looking for a drone. Before we get starts, one thing should be mentioned here that these flying machines with rotors are called multi rotors though we call these drones for easier understanding.

DJI Phantom 3 and Phantom 2 Series

It comes at the first position when comparison starts between drones. Several eye catching features make it more lucrative to grab. The USP’s of this DJI Phantom 3 drone is-

  • 12 MP capturing with 4K resolution
  • Powerful mobile application for better control
  • Live High definition video streaming capability
  • Faster charging feature adds value in it
  • 20 minutes flight time
  • In app flight stimulator for better control over the flight

Flight time and high resolution capturing are the unique points here. If you are looking to use it in delivering items for food chain specially, Phantom 3 and Phantom 2 series are the best.

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DJI Inspire 1 and Inspire 1 Pro

One of the most professionally designed ready to fly drone. In reality it looks like it comes directly from a science fiction movie. It’s really a big drone, almost twice of phantom 3 or Phantom 2 series. There are some features which these are famous for-

  • 360 degree rotating camera with 4K resolution
  • Excellent dual pilot operation mode
  • Superb stability in moderate turbulent wind
  • Inspire Pro has 8 times larger camera sensor than Inspire

These are unparallel for videography, photography and 3D mapping.

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Parrot Bebop

In a line Parrot Bebop is the faster and smarter drone in the market but remember it is quiet expensive too. The innovative fish eye view covers 180 degrees.  The 14 MP camera provides clear view at the time of flying but zoom is not well enough to cover every small detail in field.

See the unique features of Parrot Bebop-

  • You can control this drone from your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Optional sky controller with fantastic joy stick support for sporty mode
  • Wide viewing angle and true HDMI output
  • 1080 P video capturing and 8 GB on board

But the main strain in buying this drone is the price. The tagged price is $499! Otherwise it’s a classy drone to buy.

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Yuneec Q500 4K

Yuneec Q500 4K comes from a relatively new brand, thus it is not so popular also. But don’t dare to strike out from your consideration as it gives a lot of value at comparatively very low price. Vacuum cleaner like Yuneec comes at $1300 only! But it’s feature rich. You can’t find a single limitation by comparing it with other brand.

The points that made Yuneec a drone to be bet on-

  • Can capture clear crisp image and record 4K video
  • Higher flight time of average 22-25 minutes
  • Medium sized, easy to carry
  • Android run device in the controller

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3DR Solo

It’s one of the extremely customizable and portable drones in the market right now. Instead of a built in camera 3DR uses GoPro Hero 4 though you can adjust anything you want on its board. It’s one of the most affordable choices but not bad at all. The key points that make 3DR Solo perfect to buy are-

  • It comes with a tag price of $999 only but the black 4K edition is tagged with $1999
  • Highly customizable. You will have maximum options and you can fit it according to your plan, you can take the camera off and can board anything instead of that according to your need.

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3D Robotics Iris Plus

If you want to count the features of this fantabulous drone, you will be amazed. Whatever you wanted to have in your dream drone, it has almost everything. You can set the flight way from your Android or iOS devices. You can set it on auto pilot for stable flight. It shoots 1080P videos and can capture stills with its true HD camera.

Some points that make it special are-

  • True on board control and flight time control
  • True HD camera for perfect shoots
  • Moderate flight time and auto pilot options

But the main con is the price tag on it that is $750! It’s a little bit costly drone against its features.

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Hubsan X4

Hubson X 4 is a tiny quad copter type drone with 5-7 minutes fly time. It’s very useful for personal usage. The Price of Hubsan X4 is also within the range. The price tagged on it is $45 only! The cheapest version has no camera in it, just six LED lights. Hubsan’s X4’s camera is ok and has capability to capture in low light also. But the resolutions of the cameras are 720p.

The eye stroking points of Hubsan X4 are-

  • Relatively lower price; just $45!
  • Light weight and smaller size
  • Excellent flight controller

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Blade Nano QX

It’s an extraordinary quad copter. Nano QX is a true drone with advanced flight controller. Stability and agility are the two different flight modes available in Blade Nano QX. With agility mode, you have full control over the drone while in stability mode Blade Nano QX levels itself automatically without manual intervention.

The marketing points of Blade Nano QX are-

  • Budget friendly pricing; Blade Nano QX available at $90- $150
  • Tiny in size and light in weight
  • User friendly controls
  • Easy to carry and set

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TBS Gemini

This drone is exceptionally designed hex copter for first person view. The camera is on the nose. Another star point of TBS Gemini is its modular design. The actual constrain is the price that is $600! But this funny and classy drone has enough fuel to be sold.

The main points of attraction are-

  • Modular design that is the main USP of this drone
  • Easy handling and relatively light in weight
  • Six blades for creating max pressure during vertical take off

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3D Robotics X8 Plus

It’s a real big drone. It features 11 inch propellers fitted in 8 rotors. With its robust load lifting capability it can lift up to 800 grams load vertically. The main plus point of its design is it can fly even if one rotor stops working. It is designed to fly high.

Unique features of 3D Robotics X8 are-

  1. High fly time
  2. High load lifting capacity, up to 800 grams

Price of this big drone is $1300 which is literally higher than expected. But if you are looking to use your drones in goods delivery, this drone will make profit for sure due to its high load lifting engineering.

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Quanum Nova

If you are looking for a feature rich drone within your budget then Quanum Nova can be your best pick. At $300 you can purchase a quality drone. Its futuristic design looks like; it comes in to reality directly from the Hollywood movies.

The USPs of this amazing quad copter are-

  1. Within budget range
  2. Moderate fly time
  3. Quality build
  4. Futuristic design

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LaTrax Alias

LaTrax simply a great quadcopter that can provide ample knowledge about “fly a drone manually”. It’s made by high grade plastic but don’t you dare to ask a question about its durability. It’s made to adjust with extreme conditions and last long. So you can fly this drone without much worry about crashing. 7 inch long big propellers are enough to create enough lift capacity. As an user you can fit 808 key chain camera or video recorder.

The points that made this quadcopter a piece of buy are-

  1. Big propeller for maximum load lifting.
  2. Full manual control that is much appreciated to make professional drone flyer.
  3. LaTrax costs around $150 which is within the range so you can afford.

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Parrot AR drone 2.0

It’s counted among the most advanced quad copters in the market. Till now it’s one of the most preferred quad copters by the drone buyers. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is fitted with 1GHz 32 bit processor coupled with 1GB RAM and accelerometers, gyro, magnetometers and a pressure sensor, 2 cameras and an ultrasonic sensor! This package comes at $299. The main short coming of this quad copter is it has no manual control system, You need iPhone to control it and obviously without an iPhone you can’t fly it.

The key striking points which made it one of the most advanced drone in the market are-

  1. 1GHz processor with 1GB Ram for faster processing
  2. Accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer and pressure sensor for better flight time control
  3. Simple control system from iPhone
  4. Moderate price- $299

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Lumenier QAV400 Ready to Fly Drone

You have just read the name of the most versatile quad copter in the market. Due to its high customized features and excellent flying capability with quality build frame are the USP of this drone. You can attach whatever you want to on it. The main attraction is that you can buy the frame and fit all the others components there according to your wish. It’s a little bit highly priced- $970 but really a good thing to spend on.

Have a look on the prime features of this drone-

  1. Customizable frame so that you can board whatever you want on it including camera light and other things.
  2. Magnificent fly time control through iPhone or manual control box.
  3. Quality build when it comes to the frame of this drone which you can purchase alone without any components attached with it.

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Proto X

AT just $38 Proto X is the tinniest drone in the market. But don’t go with its size only. Amazingly it houses 3 Gyro, 4 motor speed controllers and 3 accelerometers with a radio receiver. Proto X is the easiest way to experience drone flying. It’s ideal to gift to your younger siblings or to your child. It’s really a piece to experience which comes at as low as $38.

Points to be remembered-

  1. Tiny drone which can be carried easily anywhere
  2. Proto X has important fly time control assistances, like accelerometers, Gyro and motor speed controllers
  3. Very low price, just $38. Within your affordable range
  4. Ideal for gifting purpose

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