Best 10 GoPro Accessories for 2015


Action cameras are the possible means to capture the correct moment of life or a unique frame. But the action camera alone is not always sufficient to do so. Easy to use and adapt accessories are required to capture any priceless and unique frame. The GoPro Hero 4 Black action camera has already become very popular in the market. But the brand also specializes in various GoPro accessories which make the best of an action camera. Here is a list of the popular GoPro accessories in the market.

GoPro Accessories

List of Best GoPro accessories

1. GoPro Chesty


GoPro Chesty is the solution to carrying inconvenience of an action camera attached to the head. This gear helps to attach the action camera to the chest for increased comfort and better view. It is structured in the form a harness and is facilitated with a quick releasebuckle. This accessory is a fitting solution to video capturing while skiing, paddle sports, mountain biking and many more. It gives the provision of a closer video capture nearer to the ground and clearer view of feet movement. It comes in two variations, one of the kids and one for the adults. The price of the product is around USD 30 for kids and USD 40 for adults.

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2. Peak Design Capture (Pro/P.O.V.) Clip


These clips aid the attachment of the GoPro cameras or any other larger camera to strap like surfaces like that of a backpack. The clip is divided into two sections. One section is mainly the base unit which is clamped around the strap or a belt and the action camera can be mounted upon the adapter plate which is the second section. The adapter plate can be positioned according to the need. There is a quick release lock present, which allows the secure positioning of the camera as well as to release the same. The price of the accessory is in the range of USD 65 to 70 in Amazon.

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3. GoPro Helmet Front Mount


The GoPro Helmet front mount can be used to grab some action packed footage at a very close range. But this requires some safety measures to be taken up for proper mounting. The helmet to which this mount is to be used, has to pass through the required safety standards as set by the brand for proper functioning. The mount is attached to the helmet using curved adhesive mount. The price of the product is in the range of USD 15 to 18 in Amazon.

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4. GoPole EVO


The GoPole EVO cannot be mistaken for a selfie stick. It is a buoyant action pole. This accessory is especially useful when one is using an action camera in water. It has two very important utilities. This can extend up to a distance of 35 to 60 cms and is also capable of preventing the action camera from sinking in case it slips off from the grip. The structure of the EVO is transparent which helps to eliminate the visual black bar, present in other action poles. The price of GoPole EVO is in the range of USD 45 to 50 in Amazon.

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5. GoPro 3-Way


This accessory acts as a comfortable grip support and combines the effect of a stick and tripod. The grip can be used as a single unit and the additional arm can be used for better reachability and flexibility. This also comes in with a built-in tripod stand. The arms can also be attached to this tripod for extra support. It is a complete waterproof accessory. The price of the product is in the range of USD 65 to 70 in Amazon.

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6. Joby Action Grip

Joby Action Grip is ideal for usage with small sized action cameras like that of GoPro brand’s. Unlike all other similar products in the market that promise a lot of stuff, Joby Action Grip sticks to the basics. The product is made of plastic and is very strong and sturdy. It has a simple design and floats on water. It makes the camera control a lot easier. The product is also attachable to a painter’s pole thread for reaching out longer distances. The product comes in with a wrist strap for better safety so that one never loses it. The price of the product is in the range of USD 34 to 40 in Amazon.

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7. Floaty Backdoor

Some of the best moments are sometimes captured in water. But in water the risk of losing the action camera remains at a high level. It order to prevent the loss of camera in water, Floaty Backdoor can be used. This makes the action camera buoyant and minimizes the risk of losing it under water. It also blocks the rear screen of a Hero 4 Silver or Hero+ LCD. The product comes in bright red color option which is easy to spot. The price ranges from USD 15 to 20 in Amazon.

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8. PolarProGoPro Filter (Above Water)

Sometimes, in order to enhance the picture quality or to get a unique shot, people tend to use DSLR lenses with the action camera. This is neither convenient nor recommended. Instead of using that, the PolarProGoPro Filter, the above water pack is a good option. The package consists of a Polarizer, Neutral Density filter and a Macro lens which are essential for a high quality image and video capture. The macro lens have the power of 3.8X magnification and allows focusing items which are approximately 7 to 30 cms away. The price of product ranges within USD 50 to 60.

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9. Tripod Mount

The tripod mount is utilized for those occasions when the action camera needs to be attached to a tripod. The tripod mount allows the action camera to fit over a standard tripod securely. The Tripod Mount can fit into a selfie stick or any other accessory with a standard tripod thread. The accessory comes in with a unique quick release tripod mount which allows the user to switch between shots easily and effectively. The product is priced within USD 10 in Amazon.

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10. JobyGPod Mini Magnetic

The JobyGPod Mini Magnetic has the similar structure like that of a Gorillapod tripod. But it has the ability to perform in the most difficult scenarios. The tripod has the most bendability feature and is laden with super magnetic field legs which can stick to favorable surfaces securely. It allows you to take images and videos at most extreme angles by securing the GoPro action camera at required angles. The product is priced in the range of USD 25 to 30 in Amazon.

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