The all new Syma x8g drone takes on the drone segment


The brand new Syma x8g drone is out in the market and is the third product along the line after X8C and X8W. The major difference of Syma x8g with its predecessors is that the camera has been upgraded to GoPro Style 5 MegaPixel HD camera. There have been a lot of buzz regarding the product. We are highlighting some of the key features of the product.

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The first feature worth noting, as mentioned earlier is the GoPro Style action camera of 5 MP. This camera enhancement may not very notable in comparison to other brand drones but surely holds a significant position as compared to earlier models. The camera functions at 1080p with 30 frames per second and 720p at 60 frames per second. This drone is currently one of the large size drone models available in the market. The battery of the drone is the 7.4V 2000Mah Li-poly which takes around 200 minutes to charge approximately. The flying time of Syma x8g is around 7 minutes which remains incredibly short in comparison to other drones in the market. The Syma x8g comes in with 2.4G frequency, 4CH channel and 6 axis gyro. The stability is one of the strong features of this drone. The user can effortlessly implement various flight modes. The Syma x8g has a better wind resisting capability and is easy to operate. There a number of additional features in this drone which include basic directional effortless flying, 360 degree rolling ability with image and video capture mode. It can fly indoors and outdoors and has a 4CH digital proportional RC system. It also supports the headless mode in which the user does not need to worry about recognizing the headpiece position and can operate the drone by aligning in accordance to the direction of remote control’s operating rod. The Syma x8g comes in glossy silver finish with black prop-guards, propellers and landing gears. This makes the drone collision and fall resistant. There are also LED lights present in the drone.


The product package comes in with the quadcopter, battery, transmitter, charging wire, camera, rigers, blades, screwdriver and a user manual. The price of the product is in the range of USD 130 to 140 in Amazon. The Syma x8g drone is the latest version of its series, yet it falls short on certain parameters than other drones in the market. The customer reviews are yet to be out to judge the acceptance of this drone. this is one of the good drone for Sale.

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