Syma X8C vs X8W vs X8G – The ultimate comparison


With the successful launch of the Syma X8G, the brand had gained attention in the unmanned flying vehicle industry. The Syma X8G is the third successor in the line of Syma X8C and Syma X8W. It is currently the best choice drone for beginners and intermediate pilots and the brand has lived up to that expectation. The major factor which differentiates Syma X8 series from other brands is the size. These drones are full sized in comparison to the other brand models which cater to the nano and micro size structure. Coming to the Syma X8 series there is a major development which was not present in the earlier versions which is that these drones can carry the action cameras and any GoPro accessories.


Before going into the difference comparison, there are certain features which are similar in all the three models, which needs to be highlighted. Three features are common in Syma X8C, X8W and X8Gthat are the battery, chassis and the motors. They also have the common headless mode. Now comes in the differences.

First in line, the Syma X8C is a camera supporting drone. It contains a 5MP camera which is a non-standard version. This means that it will only function with this particular drone model. The next in line is the Syma X8W which has a 2 MP camera attached to it. But this camera has a unique ability to stream FPV (first person view) video in to a smartphone or tablet. This feature works with the help of an application. When installed, the smartphone or the tablet will see the video in front of the drone camera. The Syma X8G is the latest and the most updated version in terms of aerial photography and video recording. It comes in with a GoPro action camera which is capable of providing the best in class image and video capture. The 8MP camera is capable of video recording in high definition. The only down sider is that the camera will work only with this drone model and will not be supported by any other model even in the same series.

The next big difference is the pricing. Although all models are really budget friendly, but still there is difference in prices. Syma X8C model is priced at USD 80 to 90 is Amazon. The price of Syma X8W is not very high than its predecessor but ranges between USD 108 to113 in Amazon. Lastly, the all new Syma X8G is priced a bit higher than its earlier versions. It ranges from USD 137 to 142 in Amazon.

The choice of Syma series of an individual will largely depend on the budget and the stage of piloting that the person is in. The Syma X8 series makes a great choice for the intermediate pilots. If one is looking for the best picture quality then the latest Syma X8G is the best option. But if one looking for something decent and with lesser budget then the X8W and X8C are better choices.