Parrot BeBop Drone with HD Fisheye Camera Review


Parrot BeBop drone has been the frequent discussion topic among people in the market since its launch. The prime reason for this can be anticipated as the target segment of this drone. The brand made the drone available among average customers through various retailers instead of highlighting just the professional pilots or drone buffs. Though the drone has a tough make but it is a bit pricey too which makes it difficult to survive among other variants in the segment. In the section below, we will look into the features and down sides of the drone.

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Parrot BeBop Drone

Parrot BeBop Drone Features

There are a certain features which are worth mentioning for this drone. Firstly, though Parrot BeBop drone might not appeal to some of the people, but it has a very tough structure. The drone is made up of foam, strong plastic and fiberglass which makes it relatively sturdy. The design of the drone is also very compact. It has a periphery of 12 inches square. The camera is stabilized on the three axes which eliminates the presence of a breakable gimbal.

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Secondly, the camera of the drone has been revamped from the previous models. It has 2.2 fish eye lens along with an angle of view measuring 180 degrees and 14 MP sensor. The physical movement of the camera is not possible but the drone itself is capable of pan and tilt for any required snap. The camera resolution is 1080p full on HD. The internal storage capacity of the drone is 8GB with no scope for storage addition.


Thirdly, the drone has GNSS chipset which comes with built in GPS, Glonass and Galileo. This helps the Parrot BeBop to return to its starting position without any manual piloting and also hover in a particular position, 2 feet above the ground. While flying indoors, the camera and vertical pressure sensors prevent it from drifting at a hovering height of 8 meters. The drone has a flying speed of 40 km/hr in the winds and can reach up to a speed of 75 km/hr.

Fourthly, the drone functions along with the Parrot’s FreeFlight app (version 3) which can in turn function from a smartphone or a tablet. It is operable in Android, Windows and iOS platform. The application helps to pilot the drone, control the camera, settings, image viewing and video watching. The brand has also announced the feature of creating a flight plan using the application in the near future. The update is expected to be available in the form of in app purchase.

Fifthly, there is an additional Skycontroller which is available at an add-on price when purchased with the drone or separately,if you are not fond of flying with the help of touchscreen. It is a wireless controller, pretty big in size. It comes in with two joysticks, camera controls, a button that supports emergency takeoffand landing in case of a motor cut off. It also shows the status lights of the drone battery and controller and has a return to home button. It can also be paired with the tablet or phone for the first person view (FPV) feature.

Sixthly, the takeoff time of Parrot BeBop is pretty much less. Turning it on, you just need to wait seconds for the Wi-Fi signal to display in the smartphone or tablet. Selecting the drone network, initiating the app and a start button pops ups in the control screen and you are ready to roll.When used with Skycontroller, the process is pretty much the same. The only thing is that the drone needs to be turned on before the Skycontroller. There are three control modes of Parrot BeBop, normal, ace and joypad. In Joypad mode, the left joystick controls the right left and up down movements while the right joystick controls the forward and backward motion. In Normal mode, the left joystick has same functionality as the joypad mode. The right joystick is capable of tilting the drone in various directions and flying in this mode. In the ace mode, all the controls are present in the left stick. The right stick is used for pan and tilting the camera. Takeoff and landing of the Parrot BeBop can be performed using a virtual button at the bottom of the screen. A motor cut off is also present in case of an emergency wherein the propeller blades will stop spinning. There is also provision to preset vertical and rotational speeds, maximum inclination, distance and height of flight.

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Down Sides

Along with cool features, there are certain drawbacks of Parrot BeBop Drone HD Fisheye Camera. Firstly, the device comes in with almost no user manual. You need to download one from the brand’s website or browse through the mobile application help segment. There are certain tutorials available in these places, but the brand is yet to update it according to the new model. Hence it is for the user to find out many features during usage.

Secondly, the battery life of the drone is restricted to 11 minutes. However, in actuality, it is about 10 minutes in outdoor flying. Higher wind speed, frequent flips and high speed flight restricts the battery life even further.

Thirdly, the hovering of the Parrot BeBop for getting a steady shot in case of strong wind is difficult. The object avoidance facility is also not present in the drone. So while flying in an automated mode of predestined flight path, if the drone gets stuck in a tree or obstacle, then it won’t be able to avoid that.

Fourthly, the price of the Parrot BeBop is in the range of USD 435 to USD 445. The Skycontroller comes in at an additional price of USD 400, if bundled up with the drone. If purchased separately, the price goes up to USD 500.


If you are looking for straight up enjoyment of a flying drone which can capture descent images and video then Parrot BeBop is recommended. If you want something better within USD 1000 range, there are other options available with additional features for the look out.

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