Heli-Max 230Si Review– The next generation quadcopter


The Heli-Max 230Si is considered as the next generation quadcopter among others in the similar drone category. This quadcopter is available in two options with or without camera. The reason for which it stands out from others are the most modern technologies it is incorporated with like the Actual Direction Control, Return to Pilot and Altitude Control Management. It basically facilitates the easier flight control for the pilots. The price of the drone is also less compared to others in the same basket. It is a compact and lightweight drone which is a good option for the novice pilots. It is easy to use and has many attractive characteristics.

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Heli-Max 230Si Features

The most significant features of Heli-Max 230Si are as follows:

  • The Heli-Max 230Si has 3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers which contribute significantly to its stability. It is considerably stable in light wind and other similar events. In the Beginner mode, the drone has the self-stabilization ability. When it starts to tilt or bangs again something, it can stabilize itself within a short span of time without any pilot control.
  • The quadcopter comes in with two flight modes, Beginner and Expert. The Beginner’s mode aids the self-stabilization of the drone. It automatically stabilizes when it is bumped on by anything or unwanted tilting. This mode is useful for novice pilots or those who are flying the drone for the first time. In the Expert mode, the auto stabilization features does not function. It is up to the pilot to stabilize the quadcopter during flight and also compensate of the wind and other factors.
  • Altitude Control Management allows to fix and control the flight altitude of the drone. Due to this feature, you can set the flight height of the drone without restricting its movement within that fixed range.
  • The camera of Heli-Max 230Si functions at 720p HD. It is ideal for taking pictures and recording videos. The drone comes in with a 2 GB MicroSD card which might not be sufficient for storing an entire full length video. But there is an option of memory expansion to 32 GB.
  • The drone is fall safe. This feature is particularly helpful in case of battery exhaustion or signal loss. This feature helps to maintain the altitude in above scenarios and gradually lowers the quadcopter. This prevents any unwanted breakage or damage of the drone.
  • Due to its small size and compact structure, it is ideal for indoor flying.


With all the attractive features, there are some downsides of the drone as well.

  • The miniature and compressed structure of the drone makes it easy to get lost or blown away with the strong winds. In case of medium speed wind, there are chances the pilot loses control of the drone due to loss of signal. This might also lead to lose of the drone.
  • As per the reviews by many of the users, the camera of the drone might be problematic during video capture. The camera used in this model is same as that of its predecessor Heli-Max 1Si and there has been no upgraded features as such.
  • The battery life of the drone is really low. There is also another problem that the battery exhaustion of this model is a bit frequent. It can fly for around 10 to 15 minutes with single charge. This can be extended with purchase of extra batteries which comes at an extra price.


The Heli-Max 230Si comes in a price range of USD 140 to 150 in Amazon. The specifications of the drone are great in this price bracket. However, there has been no upgrading in terms of camera and the additional specifications do not sufficiently justify the price hike in comparison to the predecessor Heli-Max 1Si. If you are happy to get the mentioned features at the price quoted, then go for it.